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Baby Naming Ceremony

What a wonderful way to welcome your baby into the world!    A Celebration of Life!


Many parents nowadays are either not religious or not church goers and feel that a Christening would be inappropriate. It may be that you would want your child to make their own choices about what they believe when they are old enough to make an informed decision. However you still want a special occasion to mark the arrival of your baby.

Baby Naming or Welcoming ceremonies are a perfect way to welcome a new baby or child into your family/community, whatever their ages. It is also a wonderful idea for welcoming step children when two families come together. It can be a very moving and deeply bonding experience for everyone concerned to mark the start of their new lives together and to bond the new family as one unit.

I will work closely with you to create a ceremony which is personal to your family. The ceremony is written by me, with your help, for you. I do not use set scripts so the content of your ceremony is entirely unique and the words will be exactly as you want them. I also have a wide selection of ideas, readings and poems to discuss with you.

Your ceremony may also include appointing special adults known as 'Supporting Adults',  'Mentors', 'Guardians' or 'Guide-Parents', secular equivalents to God-Parents; they may be close friends or members of your family who make a commitment to support and guide the upbringing of your child or children. You may also like to make Parent’s Promises and acknowledge the special roles taken on by grandparents, brothers and sisters, and/or other family members.


The purpose of a naming/welcoming ceremony is to honour and recognise the arrival of a new child into your family or community and a few moments of stillness to reflect upon your responsibilities to this new special arrival. We have the opportunity to celebrate their name; a name is very important; it makes us unique, it gives us our identity.

There are many reasons why you may be considering a Naming Day or Welcoming Ceremony. It may be that:-

- you want to have the ceremony in a particular venue that is not licenced for a registrar to attend

      - you are non church-goers or not religious and feel that a christening is not appropriate for you.

      - you may prefer to have some religious or cultural traditions, which aren't allowed in a non-religious ceremony taken by a registrar or in a register office. We can have a prayer, a blessing and/or a hymn.

      - you are looking for a much more personal and bespoke ceremony than a christening can provide

       - you would like a more personal and bespoke ceremony than the register office can provide

       - you would like to have your ceremony in an evening when everyone can make it

       - you would like to hold your ceremony outside, in a garden, beside a river or in a place of natural beauty

This occasion can be a very sensitive, loving, and moving experience. I will make this a day to remember and a wonderful celebration for your family and friends. A special day to ensure your child receives your promise of unconditional love, acceptance, support and protection for his or her future. I will work with you, helping you to express your personal and spiritual beliefs to ensure that your child’s ceremony is both unique and memorable.

I find much joy and satisfaction in assisting families with naming or welcoming ceremonies for their little ones.  I come to this work with a warm heart, and a desire to support others.   I put dedicated time and effort into each ceremony that I write and officiate.


I am honored to perform these ceremonies. I feel that parents should have a ceremony that reflects who they are, their view of the world and their family.  I respect the beliefs and traditions of all families that I work with.  I do not use a ceremony as a platform to promote my personal beliefs but rather to assist you in celebrating yours.   My hope is to always offer a family a ceremony that they feel comfortable with and that reflects who they are.  Together, we can 'co-create' a meaningful and special ceremony that is uniquely yours.

Fees - I have full confidence in the fairness of my fees. Extensive efforts have been taken to assess fair costs in comparism with other celebrant services in the areas I cover. You will find my prices are more than fair - this is not just a business for me - it is my vocation! I love and enjoy helping you create lasting memories on the most special of days! Please call or e-mail for a quotation.

How do I arrange a Naming/Welcoming Ceremony? - Just call Robby Evans on 07549 168008 or e-mail devotedceremonies@gmail.com

When a child is born the Earth stands still – just for a moment. A miracle has taken place and time catches its breath. With love and hope a child enters their parent’s arms to be protected, loved, and guided.


  Experienced Civil Celebrant Officiant, covering Bedfordshire, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Middx and all surrounding areas

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