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About Robby

        My name is Robby Evans. I am an independent family Civil Celebrant. Always remembered for my sincerity, warmth, friendliness, compassion, organisational skills and my calm nature.  

I have the rare ability to create original ceremonies that reflect you as a family or a couple and as individuals. I dedicate myself to you and your ceremony and commit to making it everything you ever desired and dreamt about! You are my passion not my job! If you don't know what you want I can throw a thousand ideas your way and you can pick and choose what feels right for you.  I guide you through the development of the ceremony step by step and offer you endless resources to choose from. At the same time you can also have as much or as little control in the writing of your ceremony as you choose and have exactly what you want.

I have a lifetime of experience in public speaking, creative writing, event management, project management, community work, communication, lecturing & training. I have organised and led events and meetings for up to a thousand people and facilitated workshops. I am very comfortable working with intimate or large groups from all walks of life and can engage all equally well. My work and life experiences have given me a raft of skills and knowledge. I have a vast general knowledge gained through personal & professional development by study, research, reading, personal travel and experiences with different cultures. I have unbounded enthusiasm, a bubbly personality, a love of ritual, academic & emotional intelligence & I am guided strongly by my intuition.

I discovered Celebrant services by chance when my father died in 2008 and we had a Civil Celebrant to take the funeral ceremony. I was inspired and intrigued by this ‘alternative’ way of conducting a ceremony. It was at a time when I had been looking for not just another job but something special, worthwhile and rewarding. Little did I realise then, that this was to be my vocation! I discovered the fundamentals of ritual and ceremony as a way to bring deeper meaning to family gatherings. What I discovered was a path to the history of human storytelling, the mythologies of our ancestors that echo down to us in myriad forms: through poetry, stories, song, symbols and all of our traditions. Also discovered was a deep sense of inner connection, belonging and home.
For me, my work as a celebrant is a way to both affirm and support our individual trials, passages and accomplishments and at the same time connect their deeper meaning to family and wider community. 
My own life milestones have added depth to my work which has equipped me with a host of experience and knowledge to further expand the breadth of services that I am able to offer. I see the rebirth of creative ritual and ceremonial arts as an ideal counterbalance to our high tech, externally focused and globalized world.
I am not only one of the leading Celebrants in my area but I am in great demand for my bespoke, individually written and elegant ceremonies. I can write as much or as little of the ceremony as you wish. If you would like to write elements yourself but need help in doing so, I can help you. I will include readings and music of your choice whether they be religious or non religious. I will not dictate what you can have or limit your choices.

I also travel abroad
. This works well with a couple planning a wedding who want to work closely with their celebrant at home in this country and then take their celebrant with them abroad to conduct their ceremony. I have delivered ceremonies in some of the most beautiful parts of the world.

I will also conduct ceremonies
outside the usual hours so it really is possible to be married at sunrise or sunset or even under a moonlit, starry sky!

I am listed as a Preferred Supplier
of some of the most exclusive venues in the UK, some of which are privately owned but are available for private hire for elite and exclusive weddings if conducted by me.

I work closely with your photographer to make sure they get the best possible pictures of you and will not limit the number of photos taken or the fact that can can use flash.

Today, there is room and respect
for beautiful alternatives to traditional ceremonies where those whose special day it is have the freedom to have designed for them their own unique and personal ceremony instead of a dictated formal, standard procedure. As with the seasons of the year, our lives go through the stages of birth, engagement, marriage and certainly death. How we mark these occasions is important. I will ensure that your ceremony is conducted memorably and gracefully.

How do I arrange a Civil Ceremony? -
Just call Robby Evans on 07549 168008 or e-mail