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There are many reasons for celebrating and the way to make it more personal and unique is to have the services of a trained celebrant.

Coming of Age
In a young person’s life, the time of puberty or entering adulthood is a very significant time. Some religions mark this passage and growth into adulthood (eg: bar mitzvah in the Jewish religion), but for those who are not religious, how wonderful to have an alternative ceremony that can be fun at the same time as showing the young person how much they are valued and respected, as a new adult!

Birthday Milestones
Reaching a birthday milestone is a wonderful cause for celebration and a ceremony which reflects back on the years that have passed, and looks forward to the life that will follow is the perfect way to mark the day.

Graduation or Achievement
Each ceremony will involve reflections on goals set and achievements made by the individual or group. You may also like to involve speeches from key figures. Employing a celebrant to address graduations or achievements can take a lot of pressure off event organisers, and it will be delivered in a professional manner suitable for these occasions.

Career or Job Change
Recognising a significant change such as starting a new job, becoming self-employed or re-training to embark on a different career, is a chance to positively celebrate someone’s efforts to move on in their working life.

Coming to the end of a working life can be an exciting, if daunting, prospect. It is a major chapter in a person's life. A ceremony can help to clarify new goals and aspirations for the retiree, as well as giving former colleagues the opportunity to celebrate their career and recognise the contribution made to working life.
These types of ceremony may be incorporated into a leaving party.

Dedication or Opening of buildings or premises
The places in which we work or spaces to be used for a specific purpose can also be dedicated or “opened” in a ceremony.

Bon Voyage, for someone moving far away, Saying goodbye to a Pet, and House Blessing or House Warming are other occasions which may warrant a ceremony.

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