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To have and to hold from this day forward!

Traditionally weddings were either conducted in a church, with a minister or at a resister office with a registrar but this left a huge gap for those couples who were looking for a non-religious or partly religious ceremony but also wanted it to be held in a beautiful location with the content of their choice. Nowadays we are very lucky to be able to do exactly that.

In this country a marriage contract has to be signed and witnessed in front of a registrar who can also offer to conduct the whole ceremony for you. However this type of ceremony is quite expensive and very restrictive. It is usually relatively short and although you have a choice of words (vows, and maybe a poem) that choice is extremely limited.  What if you want to make your ceremony more special and unique to you? This is where I can help. You have two choices;

1.      Do the legal ‘bit’ at the register office and then have the ceremony (the most important part of the day) at another location (anywhere, it doesn't have to be licensed for marriages and this is a great way of cutting costs as venues that are licensed for marriage can be very expensive) with your Civil Celebrant leading the service, delivering a ceremony that you have designed and written together, or

2.      Or, invite the registrar to a licensed ceremony venue to sign the register and continue the ceremony with the Civil Celebrant of your choice to deliver the pre-planned ceremony of your choice.


Apart from the legal side of the proceedings you will get to choose every aspect of the ceremony for example:-

Your entrance – you can decide if you would like to enter together or separately, to music of your choice

Promises/vows to each other - with my help we can write these important words to suit you as a couple, to be as special as you would like them to be.

Music, poetry - you can choose pieces that have meaning and are therefore more special to you.

Readings - you can ask a family member or friend to say a few words or deliver a reading.

Unity Ceremonies

Themed weddings – wear whatever clothes you choose.

Whether you would like to exchange tokens/rings, tie knots, scatter petals or light candles.

Have the option of releasing a dove(s) or balloons or blow bubbles etc..

Venue - Most importantly choose the venue of your special day. I can hold your civil wedding ceremony in your own home or garden, in a park, at a farm, in a hotel, a local hall or anywhere you choose – the venue does not have to be licensed for marriage. (A great way of cutting costs as venues that are licensed for marriage tend to be very expensive). I take many wedding ceremonies outside, in a garden, in the grounds of a venue, by a river etc..You can have it in the evening if you so choose or on any day of the week. I will help you to design these special moments and conduct your ceremony at your chosen venue; this can be the same day following your register office signing or at a later date to suit you and your guests.

Getting married outside - is now possible and is a wonderful way to say 'I do'

Children - Do you or your other half have children from this relationship or a previous relationship? If so, then you are not just getting remarried, together you are creating a new family. Celebrate your new marriage ceremony in a way that wisely and joyously embraces the children in your lives. Include the children in your wedding vows and as special participants in the wedding ceremony. Thank them for being open and welcoming about your new marriage. Together, we can design a creative wedding ceremony that will include every member of your new family.

The day you are joined in hearts and hands is a day that you will never forget. Whether you are considering a Civil Wedding a Civil Partnership or a Commitment Ceremony, there are many things to think about to make your day as special as possible. However the most important part   of the day is the ceremony.

Civil Wedding with religion -How fortunate we are nowadays to have the choice of a non-religious ceremony or a partly religious ceremony but a civil service is so much more than that. It is totally individual , written for you, by me with your help and delivered in a manner that is as unique as you are.

Marriage is a huge step for anyone.  It's the joining together, physically and emotionally of two individuals who have different backgrounds and histories, but whose desire to spend the rest of their lives in each other's company means it's time to take the next big step.

The ceremony is the most important memory that you create on the day, which will carry you into the future. The words you say and the deeds that are done seal the commitment between you. This needs careful planning and preparation. You should also be happy that your celebrant will create a ceremony for you in a professional and careful manner encompassing warmth, love and originality.

There are many reasons why you may be considering a Civil Ceremony not to be performed by the registrar. It may be that:-

- you want to have your wedding in a particular venue that is not licensed for marriage (a great way to cut costs)

- you are getting married in another country but not all your friends and family can make it so you would like to have a ceremony back home   when you return - maybe a wedding blessing

- you would like to have your ceremony in an evening when everyone can make it
- you would like a more personal and bespoke ceremony than the register office can provide
- you would like your marriage ceremony to include religious, spiritual, cultural or symbolic elements that would not be allowed in a usual venue licensed for marriage.
- you would like to hold your ceremony outside, in a garden, beside a river or in a place of natural beauty

I find much joy and satisfaction in assisting couples with their marriage ceremonies. I come to this work with a warm heart, and a desire to support others. I put dedicated time and effort into each ceremony that I write and officiate.

I am honoured to unite those who want to commit their lives to one another. I feel that couples should have a ceremony that reflects who they are, their view of the world and their relationship. It is not necessary for couples to apologise for what they believe in or question. I respect the beliefs and traditions of couples I work with.  I do not use a ceremony as a platform to promote my personal beliefs but rather to assist you in celebrating yours.   My hope is to always offer a couple a ceremony that they feel comfortable with and that reflects who they are. Together, we can 'co-create' a meaningful and special ceremony that is uniquely yours.

I also take ceremonies for Renewal of Vows, and Commitment Ceremonies (perfect for people who want to declare their love for one another but don't wish to make a legal commitment)

Most importantly I am passionate that your wedding ceremony is completely unique and special to you. A day to remember!

How do I arrange a Civil Wedding Ceremony? - Just call Robby Evans on 07549 168008 or e-mail devotedceremonies@gmail.com


Fees - I have full confidence in the fairness of my fees. Extensive efforts have been taken to assess fair costs in comparism with other celebrant services in the areas I cover. You will find my prices are more than fair - this is not just a business for me - it is my vocation! I love and enjoy helping you create lasting memories on the most special of days! Please call or e-mail for a quotation.

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