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What is a Celebrant?
A celebrant is a professional officiant trained in the art of ceremony and ritual; uaully an alternative to having a minister or registrar. I spend whatever time is necessary talking with you and suggesting ways to make your ceremony completely original. I spend time researching, writing, and working with you. Then I officiate and lead your ceremony or ritual on your special day.
Why would I use a Celebrant?
As a celebrant I excel at helping my clients express the personal and deeper meaning of their life experiences and transitions. I serve as a vessel for holding my client's feelings, hopes, joys and sorrows, and communicate this in ceremony. I create special, custom ceremonies just for you and your specific circumstance, event, celebration or gathering. You would work with me to fully express the meaning of an important life passage, to mark a defining life threshold, or simply to enjoy a unique and special celebration of any life event in a way that incorporates your personalized story and a variety of symbols, readings, music, rituals and traditions. Every aspect is tailored to your needs, beliefs, and values; you have final approval over every aspect of your ceremony.
How are Celebrants different from other officiants?
Celebrants are ceremony specialists. We have a thorough and rigorous course of study in ceremony history and practice, and one or more courses in specific types of ceremonies. I always offer unlimited time and as many drafts as necessary to guarantee my clients are satisfied. I can offer a non-religious ceremony or one that contains some religious references, whatever is more appropraite. I can deliver your ceremony in any location - outside, at home, or in ANY non-licensed venue (or licensed venues). I have NO restrictions on content of the ceremony.
How do your services work? What is the procedure we need to follow?
We have an initial conversation to determine what your needs and vision are. Then we'll proceed to meeting face to face and an informal chat to begin gathering specific information. I provide ideas and suggestions and we brainstorm together. Usually there is a brief follow up summary of our meeting, often exchanged by e-mail. You then have the time to consider the options and ideas that I have given you. Then I complete the first draft of your ceremony, and forward it to you for review and input; this process continues until you are satisfied and give the final approval. I then arrive on your special day in plenty of time to prepare and officiate at your ceremony as per your expectations.
How long does the process take?
Depending on the size of the proposed event and time available, the process can take anywhere from just a couple of days to a few weeks. If time is short, for example when preparing for a funeral, we work with the abbreviated time frame and everything comes together quickly. If we are planning ahead for a wedding or special anniversary and have several months, the creative process unfolds gradually and there is more time for exploring individual preferences and possibilities.
How much does it cost?
Services range from creating and guiding a ritual within a larger event to crafting and leading an entire ceremony. I offer a range of ritual detail and prices, and my intention is to serve anyone who desires a meaningful ceremony. Please contact me for fee information specific to your situation.
Are you available on a certain date and are you willing to travel to our chosen location?
Hopefully and yes! Check with me that I am available by phone or email. I will travel up to a 20 mile radius for no extra cost; further than that will incur a mutually agreed mileage cost

What are your fees?
My fees are competitive and always much less that the local authority registrars for a much more personal ceremony and without the many restrictions involved
Are you available for a rehearsal and do you charge an additional fee?
I am always available for a rehearsal and the fee is negotiable depending on day, time and place.
What is the standard ceremony that you use and can we add our own vows, readings, music etc. to the ceremony?
There is no such thing as a standard ceremony! Every ceremony is unique and produced in close co-operation with you. I am able to suggest ideas for music, readings, rituals and vows but the choice is, ultimately, yours.
Can we have our ceremony at any venue? And at any time?
Yes! There are no restrictions on location or time – unlike a ceremony taken by a registrar. It can take place outside, at home, at an unlicensed venue (a great way of cutting costs). It can also take place in an evening, or at night – literally anytime to suit you!

Can we have a religious references?
Yes! For example we can have a readings from the bible, a prayer, a blessing and/or sing a hymn
Are there any restrictions for our photographer?
No! Unlike a ceremony taken by a registrar I really don’t mind if your photographer wants to use flash or where he or she would like to stand. The important thing is that you have the best photographs of your special day. I will fit in with whatever works best for you.
How accessible/responsive are you by phone and by email?
I am available 7 days a week from 9am until 9pm. If I am unable to take a call I will get back to you as soon as I can.
Both my phone number has an answerphone which is checked regularly and I read my emails dozens of times every day even when I am out and about!   The magic of technology!!!
On our ceremony day, do you read from a script or have our script memorized? Do you only use the script or might you say something extra?
I will have a script - this is too important to leave to chance (and memory) and it is so important to get names and facts correct, however I often improvise to include little things that might happen along the way or late additions on the day.
The whole ceremony will be professional, personal and relaxed.
I want to you to enjoy YOUR DAY knowing I have everything under control.
Can you supply references
Yes, I have only happy clients any of whom will be only too pleased to give you a reference.

How do I arrange a Civil Ceremony? -
Just call   Robby Evans on 07549 168008 or e-mail