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Here are some of the wonderful comments people have taken the time to say to me:


My husband and I were lucky enough to find the Civil Celebrant Robby Evans to conduct our wedding ceremony. Robby spent many hours talking us through the many different options available to us. She was efficient and professional at all times. Nothing was too much trouble! On the day she conducted a fantastic service that was extremely personal to us. It was perfect and reflected our wishes to such an extent; the congregation couldn’t believe that we hadn’t known her all our lives!


Robby is excellent at what she does and comes highly recommended.


Tracy and Carl



Hi Robby,

This is just a short note to thank you so much for taking our wedding service recently. Everyone commented on how very special and personal it was. Many people said that it was the best ceremony they had ever been too! You are so warm and truly caring – your smile lightened up the room! We will never forget all the hard work that you put into the preparation, and the wonderful suggestions that you made to make it completely unique. We will always remember the difference that you made to our special day.

Thank you again,

Jane and Robert



Dear Robby,
We just wanted to say a big thank you for the service that you conducted for Aariyahs naming day.  It was lovely and everyone commented on how beautiful it was, so personnel to Ellie & Daniel and also to us as grandparents.  Im sure it will be talked about for a long time and in Ellie's words “it was perfect, just perfect”.
I am sure my sister will be in touch soon to book another ceremony so look forward to seeing you soon.
Kind Regards and Best wishes
Mel & Paul Bray ( Ellies Mum & Step dad)


Hi Robby

Michael and I just want to thank you for Mason's naming ceremony. It was perfect and was a great pleasure to have you perform the ceremony, we couldn't have thought of a better person for the job after the wonderful job you did with Myas funeral.

We have had lots of people say how fantastic you were and quite a few
(including my dad) who have said that they thought it was a lot more personal than a christening.

And my uncle wants to book you for his funeral!!

Thank you again

With Love

Jo, Michael & Mason xxx


To Robby,

We just wanted to say a great big thank you. We have loved working with you to create a wonderful Naming Day for our son, Lucas. It was everything we wanted and that is down to all your lovely ideas that have helped us along the way. You managed to create a very unique day for us and seemed to know exactly what was important.

Thank you so much, - a real day to remember.

Lots of love

Lee, Kim and Lucas


Hello Robby,

A big thanks is sent your way for the fantastic welcoming/naming ceremony that you did for little Emily. The whole day was perfect and that is largely due to you and all your wonderful work. It was so lovely to have a ceremony to welcome our new baby into the world and you conducted it so beautifully and gave us some fantastic ideas. We can’t thank you enough for making the day so wonderful.

Many many thanks.

Kerry and Chris Thomas 



I wanted to thank you for leading the ceremony to celebrate the life of my father Maurice Simon on 11th March 2011.
From meeting you beforehand through to the conclusion of the ceremony, you displayed the highest levels of professionalism and compassion, but most importantly, from first meeting you, my husband and I felt safe in your hands because you related to us and our individual circumstances with great ease. From that first meeting and during the ceremony you engaged with us and made the whole experience very personal and ensured we had a relationship with you from the start.
Your personal warmth and sincerity turned such a traumatic experience into a joyous event for me and for all the mourners. It was a positive experience for us all.
Huge thanks to you as Maurice's funeral was a major milestone in my life, which I will never forget. He and I had a difficult relationship and I had dreaded the day when he died and the arrangements would fall to me. Instead, as a result of your role, I will look back on the event with a positive feeling - always. 
Great to meet you and thank you once again.
Clare and Cliff.


Dear Robby,

When I first spoke to you I wondered how or why you do this job, but once I saw you taking the ceremony for my father's funeral I then realised why...... because you are so perfect for it! Nobody could have done it better - you were made to be a celebrant and we feel so lucky to have found you.

Thank you Robby for your kindness, your compassion, your lovely smiley delivery and for making us, as a family, feel so nurtured and comforted.

Continue bringing so much to so many,

Christine Williamson


Dear Robby,
I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help in making our celebration of Dick’s life such a great and memorable occasion on Wednesday.  The day, although marking a sad loss in our lives, was a great one and I’m sure my father would have really enjoyed it.  Your calmness, compassion, composure and support, at what we all found to be a difficult time, were greatly appreciated.  Many friends and family have said to me what an enjoyable, positive and fitting tribute the day was, to my father and I am grateful for your involvement.
Once again, many thanks from me and my family.
Kind regards

Dom Milner


I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful services you gave for my husband Dave in June 2009, it was a real celebration of his life. And then again for my mother in March 2010 again the most beautiful day. You really helped us as a family as we knew we didn't want to have traditional funerals, and you just talked to us, so you got to know exactly what our feelings were, and most of all you spent time asking about Dave and mum, so you felt you knew them too. A lot of people said to me afterwards 'I know I am not supposed to say this but I really enjoyed that service'. 
Ann Maskell


Robby conducted the ceremony for my husband Dave Joyce . Robby has been a gift to us through an extremely traumatic time. She sat with us for over two hours and listened to me and my two daughters talk about Dave, she was warm, compassionate, and patient and instantly she felt like a trusted friend. We knew at once that we were in safe hands.

Robby was extremely professional in her dealings with us. During the service itself Robby was a source of comfort and strength to all of us. The ceremony she put together was beautiful; the things she said gave comfort and hope not only to us but to the whole congregation. Robby spoke about Dave with genuine affection and people who attended were surprised that she hadn’t known him personally.


Barbara Joyce



Good afternoon Robby

I wanted to say how wonderful the service was that you did for my sister Diane.  We had lots of very nice compliments about the event from people who attended, they felt uplifted and appreciated the nice talk you did about 'being special'.

Thank you again Robby for your help and support and I hope when it’s my turn you'll be there for me.


Michele Robertson 



Hi Robby,

Just a few words to thank you for the service you took for Baby Scarlett, you made what is a devastating time for us all so much more bearable, your words and guidance and the service itself made all the difference to us in the journey of coming to terms with our loss.

Many thanks.

Steve & Mirelle x


Hi Robby

I just wanted to say thank you again for making mum's funeral such a wonderful celebration of her life, everyone said how beautiful it was. I think you will be the talking point of mum's friends for a long time.


Ann Maskell



Dear Robby,

I just wanted to say again a big thank you for the lovely service you conducted in celebration of Darren's life.  He would have approved 100%.

All friends and family remarked on what a beautiful service it was; most never having attended a Civil service before and a great number saying they would certainly more than consider a similar ceremony for their loved ones or even themselves.  They were impressed by the total uniqueness of it and how it  focussed on Darren.  Many said how it was the best service they had attended.

Thank you again and good luck in all you do and all the hearts you help in mending.

Diane Jeffrey



Dear Robby

Thank you so very much for the wonderful support you have given to us.   The tribute and eulogies were read with such compassion and you made them very personal to us at this very sad time. 

Your own words were lovely too.

Thank you so much, Robby, for your kindness and respect and the comfort you have given us.

With our very best wishes,   

Beryl, Christine and Elizabeth.



Dear Robby

Following the recent traumatic events in this family, of first my mother passing away, followed very quickly by the death of my husband Robert; Helen, Chris and myself wish to thank you for your help at this difficult time. Many of the congregation have also commented on the caring, quiet warmth, and sympathetic way you conducted Rob’s Celebration of Life service.

Our thanks once again,

Julie Carvell



Dear Robby,

I just had to write and thank you for taking the services of my beloved Nan and treasured Dad’s funerals on 17th December and 18thJanuary respectively.

Somehow your warmth, twinkling eyes, genuine smile and wise, positive words made both unbearable occasions, happy memorable ones.

You’re an amazing personality and I and all the guests felt so comforted by you. Thank you Robby for being you and for being there for my family and I, at such a devastating time.

With fondest regards

Helen and Daniel



I am just writing on behalf of myself and the rest of the family to offer our thanks for the way in which you led the funeral service on 17th December for Dave Cook. We are all in agreement that it was the perfect type of celebration to reflect Dave's life style. I think it is almost certain that in the future, at such time as it becomes necessary, many of us will seek to arrange a Civil Funeral where possible.

Trevor Tearle



Special thanks and gratitude Robby, for your heartfelt celebration service, Frank would have enjoyed his send off. Everyone commented on how well the service went, and with what feeling you came across. It made the day a real remembrance of Frank.

Lyn Arnold



Angela and I would like to thank you so much for the way you conducted the service. Everybody remarked on how you summed her up so well. It was so much as we all remembered her.

Best Regards

Rob & Angee Brown



Hello Robby 

I know that you were busy on Friday, so I missed actually thanking you personally for the lovely tribute paid to my Dad & for the warmth, happiness & smiling manner in which you conducted the "service" throughout. (I'll remember those aspects for ever)

 I just wanted to let you know that my Dad would have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would have warmed to you and your presentation style. It was so nice to recall the memories that you touched on and that the whole service came across as a celebration of his life and the fact that you raised smiles on many occasions throughout was really very touching & something that my Dad really would have appreciated.

 Inevitably there were sad moments too. I think I'll find it hard to listen to "Time to say Goodbye" again without being really affected & bringing back the memory.

 Anyway can I just thank you again for all that you did on Friday to make a trying day very much more bearable one as a result of your kind tributes. All of our family felt that your comments, put over with warmth, friendliness, kindness and good humour were immensely helpful & something that Dad would have really have appreciated too.

Please accept my sincere thanks, on behalf of us all, for the all of the work & preparation you undertook to provide such a lovely "send-off" for him. With sincerest thanks again & with best wishes for Christmas & the New Year,

Don Worby



Hello Robby

 On behalf of  Sheila and all the family, I would like to extend our thanks for the way you conducted the funeral sevice for my late mother yesterday.

 We were all pleased and impressed with the simplicity and sincerity of the service.

 Thank you once again

 Julie Carvell



Dear Robby,

 Thank you so much for making Lol's funeral if I can say "so nice", although very hard for me and the boys, it was everything we wanted and more.  You made it very personal and very touching, which I am very thankful for.

All our friends and family have said that they have never been to such a nice funeral!  Some have even asked for your number!

You really did make our last day with Lol very special, thank you again.

Thank you so very very much,

Pam, Jeff and George



Dear Robby

I wanted to write and say a great big thank for the wonderful service you gave for my dear husband Golly on behalf of myself, my family and all our friends, who could not stop singing your praises.

 Thank you so so much

 Love and great respect

 Pam Powley



Many thanks Robby for the lovely service for Little Lyn it was lovely.  I shall have to book you for mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kind regards,




Dear Robby,

I have continued over the last week to receive very complimentary remarks about Denise's funeral. The form of the service and the way you conducted it were both highly thought of and I want to thank you sincerely for the effort that you put into the preparation and delivery of the service. It was your effort that made it so apposite and memorable.

Some said that you were made for the role and some people wanted to make bookings (undated) for their own service. I don't think you can receive higher praise.

 Many thanks indeed and may you bring pleasure to many more people and make difficult situations so much easier to bear.

 Peter Widdowson



Dear Robby,

My family would like to thank you so much for the service you gave to our dad John Crawford on the 9th Oct.

We all thought everything you did and said was so perfect and touching. Our dad would have been so proud.

Many friends asked how long we have known you as you portrayed our Dad and family so well and couldn't believe we had only met you the once.

Once again, Thank you - you made a very sad day so much easier with your kindness.

With love, Dawn and all the family xx



Dear Robby

 Just a simple thank you for the service on Friday - and that's from all of us - and whilst thank you seems insufficient, the meaning is huge.

Again our heartfelt thanks.

 Kindest regards

 John Marchant



Hi Robbie

 Thank you so much for the service you conducted on Monday , we all thought it was wonderful, so many people mentioned how lovely it was, thank you again

Chris Cox




I just wanted to say  - thank you so very much, for looking after us and Mum today.

Your words were perfect and Dad feels perfect for what he and Mum wanted from today.

It was a great comfort, having met you, that you conducted today for us and the candles were such a very good idea.

We have divided the 7 candles between us, 1 for each grandchild, who were so very very dear to Mum, and we will get them to light them and remember her on special birthdays, anniversary's and Christmas - you were a genius to come up with the candle idea.

Thank you again for everything you have done.

Kindest regards

Nickie Gibbs  Xx 



Morning Robby

 We just wanted to thank you for making dad/Barry's funeral memorable, although a sad occasion. Many people commented on the service, which was delivered exactly how we imagined. We will inform Masons of your excellent presentation and your comforting words and persona.

Ironically, dad was late for the service as predicted by the family because dad was always late for any appointment, unless he was told an earlier time. Although on this occasion he was not at fault. This made us chuckle in the car on the way which lightened the mood.

 Thank you

 Michelle, Nicky, Rose, Richard and the rest of Barry's family


Dear Robby

We would like to thank you for a lovely service for Michael/Dad  it made the difficult thing of saying goodbye easier.

We were very surprised to see the amount of people that came and the style of service that you provide, enabled so many people that were a part of his life to also be included in yesterday's service.

Not many people who attended, had experienced a Civil service before and they didn't know what to expect.  However, the overwhelming positive comments afterwards is that this something they would all consider for themselves, as it was all about the person, Michael.

Thank you once again.

Pat, David and Angela 



Dear Robby,

 Just a little note to say many thanks to you for the wonderful service you performed for my Mum's funeral.  All our family and friends remarked on how lovely the service was and how you captured her and summed her up so well.

 Thanks for your kindness shown to us.

 Ricky & Linda.





Just a line to thank you for the service yesterday. Everyone thought it was exactly what was required and the intro section was perfect.

Kind regards

Neill and Maureen 


Dear Robby

 We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the Celebration send off you did for Tommy. It was so personal and beautifully read .  So many people have commented since on your heartfelt speech for dad.  There were a few people I spoke to afterwards who asked me how long we had known you, as you seemed to be one of the family.  Everyone loved the variety of the service - Harry's stirring pipes, the spine tingling opera singer Paul had organised and Eugene's wonderful speech - and were nearly uncomfortable (because of the circumstances) to say that it was the best funeral they had been to!

 So I thank you again Robby. We wanted to celebrate dad with everyone and you set us off on the right foot, under very emotional circumstances.

We can always now have happy memories of that day, which money can't buy and that is largely due to you.

 Thank you

Merlyn, Ian & Ian and all the Bay family x 



Hi Robbie,

Just to say I; and all the family very much appreciated the fine address you delivered at the ceremony yesterday.  To have someone who spoke with a sympathetic and  kind voice, about our loved one who was a kind and gentle person himself, meant a great deal to us, in what is a very sad time.

Yours very sincerely,

Edna Jackson.


Dear Robby

Thank you so much for your kindness; you made the day so much easier and so many people said it expressed Andy so well.

You made us strong!


Mrs Tracy Simpson and family



Dear Robby

All my family and myself would like to say a huge thank you for making my mum’s funeral a very warm and loving occasion. There was only praise from their hearts that your service gave them so much. You really have found your true vocation in life. Carry on giving people warmth on the saddest of times for them.

Yours sincerely

Jeannie Sexton